Why Are Criminal Lawyers Important?

December 1, 2022

Crime has always been a part of our society, which has led to the rise of the criminal justice system. A criminal justice system is developed to provide justice to the victim and punishment to the culprit. 

‘All the culprits have been released because of lack of evidence’. 

Every day we read and hear these statements about different crimes happening worldwide and how criminal lawyers defend their clients.

If you are interested in the criminal justice system, you might wonder about the role of a criminal lawyer in criminal cases. Criminal lawyers are not ordinary advocates with black coats but an integral part of the criminal justice system. A criminal lawyer does not just defend an accused person but goes a lot beyond it. If you are looking forward to hiring a criminal lawyer, you should also know how much does a criminal lawyer costs in Australia.

The job of a criminal lawyer is challenging, risky, tricky and rewarding. As far as the client is concerned, they deal with troubled children, bankers, taxi drivers, dacoits, rich, influential people, struggling single parents and more.

Who Are Criminal Lawyers?

Criminal lawyers are experts in the field of crimes and related cases. They are also called criminal defence lawyers or public defenders as they defend organisations, entities and individuals who are accused of a crime. They handle many criminal cases ranging from fraud, violence and rape to theft, murder, drunken and drive, embezzlement etc. 

Criminal lawyers deal with the process of plea bargains, appeals, bail bond hearings, trials, post-conviction process, dismissal hearings and many others. They deeply understand the criminal act and procedure, as well as the punishments associated with each crime. 

Types Of Criminal Lawyers

Based on their diverse roles, criminal lawyers are of many types.

Legal Advisor

A legal advisor is a criminal lawyer who works for the government and also for the general public. Being a legal advisor is difficult, as one must deal with extreme pressure and responsibility. Large corporate companies hire legal advisors, the government or the private sector to provide legal services and advice to the team members and the company.

Family Lawyer

Family criminal lawyers deal with all types of crimes that happen within a community or in a family. Cases, such as divorce settlements, domestic violence, assault, family partitions, personal matters, custody of children and abuses, are all taken care of by a family lawyer. 

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate organisations also require criminal lawyers to help them in legalising all their financial activities. As a corporate organisation, sometimes it becomes imperative to hire a criminal lawyer. Thus, it is essential to know how much does a criminal lawyer costs in Australia.

Role of Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers are involved in investigating and evaluating cases that involve some sort of crime or an offence that is illegal in terms of the law. They write and file legal papers, discuss plea bargains, sentences, and appeals and draft a plan to defend their client in a court of law.

Criminal lawyers have to do a variety of tasks in a day based on their client’s needs, speciality area and rank. Broadly, there are two types of criminal lawyers that are present in the court of law: defence lawyers and prosecution lawyers. Here is the list of the task they perform on a day-to-day basis:

  • Investigating the case they are dealing with
  • Collecting relevant evidence to present in the court of law
  • Meeting clients to discuss the case
  • Examining the crime location
  • Determining and Interviewing the witnesses 
  • Holding research on the case and criminal codes applied
  • Negotiating with the opposing team and figuring out settlements
  • Developing a strategy to fight the case
  • Filing and drafting the case 
  • Attending and presenting the case in the court of law in front of the judge.

When it comes to their roles, broadly, criminal lawyers perform three major roles:

They provide legal advice.

Criminal lawyers advise their clients about their legal responsibilities and rights. They also tell them what action can be taken to resolve the case in both personal, as well as professional matters. Moreover, criminal lawyers study and evaluate the case and explain the relevant laws to their clients based on their situation. 

They are involved in counselling clients.

The primary responsibility of a criminal lawyer is to interview the client to know more about them. It is imperative to know about every intricate detail so that they can deal with the case properly. 

They represent clients in the court of law.

A criminal lawyer’s other key role is to represent their client in the court of law in front of the judge. They advocate on behalf of their client by presenting facts and evidence. Criminal lawyers tell their clients about their legal rights as a citizen. They evaluate the case, apply the relevant law and file the case on behalf of their client.

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The bottom line is that a criminal lawyer undeniably has a significant role in the criminal justice system. Criminal cases are tedious and risky. This is why getting it handled by an amateur can put you in trouble. Before you hire one, consider doing market research to know how much does a criminal lawyer costs in Australia

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