Most civil and criminal cases get into the New South Wales court system through the local court first.

In Parramatta, a commercial suburb in Sydney, the local court is situated at 12 George Street, Parramatta near the New South Wales Police Force Station. It’s in the corners of George and Marsden Streets. The Parramatta Local Court is part of the Parramatta Courts, together with the Parramatta District Court. Inside the building complex are multiple courtrooms, including the Children’s Court and the Family Court. A magistrate or a judge is always present in each courtroom to hear and decide on the daily cases.


Cases Heard in the Parramatta Local Court

The local court is open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm to hear different cases. Both civil and criminal cases are heard on the Parramatta Local Court, including jury and judge alone trials, hearings, sentences, appeals and bail applications. 

When you’re arrested by the NSW police on a weekend and refused bail by them, you will be taken to a magistrate in the local court to decide whether you should be given bail or not. The Parramatta Local Court is the only court open during weekends for the weekend bail court. The accused may appear in person at the court or by using an audio-visual link from either Surry Hills Corrective cells or Amber Laurel Corrective cells.


Getting to Parramatta Local Court

If you’re going to take the train, the Parramatta Local Court is a 15-minute walk from Parramatta Railway Station and close to Parramatta Park. Parramatta train station is located at Westfield Shopping Centre in Parramatta. A free bus service called ‘the loop’ also operates in Parramatta CBD. This service runs every 10 minutes from Parramatta train station and stops at the Parramatta Local Court.

Do you have your car? You need not worry about parking when going to the Parramatta Local Court. Several paid parking stations that are a short walk to it can be found throughout Parramatta.

Upon arriving at Parramatta Local Court, you need to pass through a security checkpoint before going upstairs to level 1. With the number of courtrooms in the complex, make sure you have the correct name of the court you need to be in.

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