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A person convicted or pleaded guilty after a trial has the right to appeal to the Court. The appeals are ruled by the Supreme Court Criminal Rules 2014 and Supreme Court Criminal Supplementary Rules 2014.

Any appeal should be filed 21 days after the date of conviction and must meet the grounds set by the Supreme Court rules on appeals.


Annulment Application

If a person is convicted of a charge because they failed to appear before the Court, we can help file an annulment application. The Mardini Lawyers will provide legal advice and assistance for the paperwork. Any person can get the application form in the Court but the presence of a legal representative is still necessary.


Appealing from the Local Court

To make an appeal from the local court, the person must make a request within the given time frame to appeal against the sentence. Our Mardini lawyers can help you deal with all the legal paperwork required by the Court.


Conviction Appeals

If a person feels like they are wrongfully convicted, they can still request for a review of the decision. We, at Mardini Defence, advocate for fair proceedings and the protection of the accused’s rights.


Severity Appeals

A person can make an appeal to the District Court if he/she found the sentence imposed on them is excessive or unjust. However, it is important to note that the Court can give the person a “Parker warning” which means receiving a heavier penalty than the initial sentence. This is the reason why it is important to get the right legal advice to help you with the appeal.


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