What Are the Demerit Points for Speeding in NSW?

November 23, 2022

When it comes to speeding in New South Wales, aside from being charged speeding fines, you need to be aware of the demerit points that go with it. You will receive demerit points on your driver’s licence if caught speeding. The more points you have, the higher the chance of losing your licence. If caught speeding more than once, you may lose your licence permanently. However, if you have a defence lawyer representing you, they may be able to help get your penalty points reduced or even dismissed.

This blog post will outline how many points you can get for different speeds, what happens if you lose your licence and how defence lawyers can help you. 


What Are Demerit Points?

Demerit points are penalty points that can be added to your driver’s licence if you’re convicted of breaking driving laws. The number of demerit points depends on the seriousness of the offence. For example, speeding carries more demerit points than not wearing a seatbelt. Demerit points for speeding also come with speeding fines that cost depending on your speeding offence.

Demerit points are designed to encourage drivers to be more careful and improve their driving behaviour. Safe driving can significantly impact your life, so it’s important to be aware of the rules and regulations.


How Demerit Points Work in NSW

In NSW, demerit points are added to your licence when you commit certain driving offences. Once you reach a certain number of points, your licence may be suspended. For example, if you accumulate 13 or more demerit points within a 12-month period, your licence will be suspended for three months. If you reach 19 or more demerit points, your licence will be suspended for six months. 

Unlike speeding fines that can be cleared once you settle the payment, demerit points remain on your licence for three years from the date of the offence. However, if you commit another offence within those three years, the earlier points will be added to the new total. 

If you reach a certain number of points within a short time, you may be referred to a driver safety course. Completing this course can help to reduce the number of demerit points on your licence.

How Much Demerit Points Can You Get for Speeding in NSW?

The amount of your demerit points for speeding in NSW depends on how fast you went over the limit and whether you were in a school zone or other designated area.

Below are some examples of demerit points equivalence for speeding in NSW:

  • For the school zone—4 demerit points. 
  • In a constructed area—3 demerit points. 
  • In an urban area—2 demerit points. 
  • In a rural area—1 demerit point. 
  • If you exceed the speed limit by more than 10 km/h—6 demerit points. 
  • If you exceed the speed limit by more than 30 km/h—9 demerit points. 


What Happens if You Accumulate Too Many Demerit Points for Speeding?

You may face serious consequences for accumulating too many demerit points. In addition to losing your licence, collecting too many demerit points can also result in higher insurance premiums and difficulty finding a job that involves driving. You will also be charged speeding fines every time you exceed the speed limit. 

So if you value your freedom and your wallet, it’s best to stick to the speed limit. It is also best to seek legal advice when you are charged with speeding violations and speeding fines in NSW.

How to Reduce the Number of Demerit Points on Your Licence?

One way to reduce the number of demerit points in your licence is by taking a defensive driving course. These courses are usually offered by provincial governments or private companies, which can help you improve your skills and become a safer driver. 

Another way to reduce your demerit points is by ensuring that you comply with all traffic laws. This includes obeying speed limits, using turn signals and coming to a complete stop at stop signs. By following the road rules, you can avoid accumulating demerit points and keep your licence in good standing.


How Long Does It Take for Demerit Points to Clear?

In NSW, demerit points are valid for three years from the date of the offence. Once the three years are up, your points will no longer be active and will no longer count towards your total. This is true even if you have yet to reach the 12-point limit. 

How to Get Out of Speeding Fines in NSW?

The speeding fines in NSW can range from $100 to $2,200. However, there are a few ways to get out of a speeding fine

  • One way is to appeal the speeding fine in court. You can write to the court and explain why you believe the penalty is unfair. 
  • Another way to get out of a speeding fine is to apply for a Section 10 dismissal. This means the charge will be dismissed and won’t appear on your criminal record. 

          To be eligible, you must have a clean driving record and receive a speeding fine more than six months ago.

  • You can also try to negotiate with the officer who issued the fine. This is usually only possible if you were slightly over the speed limit and had a good reason for speeding. For example, if you were late for work or had an emergency appointment.
  • The easiest and the least stressful way is to seek legal advice to help you with your case. A great lawyer can help you negotiate a lower fine or even have the charge dismissed. Legal representation will also help protect your licence and keep your insurance premiums from increasing.

Whatever approach you take, it’s essential to act quickly, as you usually only have 28 days to pay or dispute a speeding fine. If you don’t take action within this time, you’ll have to pay the full speeding fine.

Mardini Defence Lawyers: Defending You

If you’re caught speeding in NSW, it’s important to be aware of the consequences. The number of points you receive for your offence will depend on how fast you were going and how many offences you have committed. If you accumulate too many points, your licence may be suspended or worse, you will face a permanent loss of licence. However, you may be able to get your penalty points reduced or even dismissed with the help of a defence lawyer. 

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