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Section 117 of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW) sets out a number of driving offences:

  • negligent driving;
  • negligent driving causing death;
  • negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm;
  • furious driving;
  • reckless driving;
  • driving at a speed dangerous to the public;
  • driving in a manner dangerous to the public.

Each offence requires proof that:

  • the accused drove a motor vehicle; and
  • the accused drove on a road; and
  • the accused drove negligently, or furiously, or recklessly, or at a speed/in a manner dangerous to the public; and
  • (if applicable) the driving of the accused caused death or grievous bodily harm.

The maximum penalties range from a fine of $1,100 – $5,500 and/or 9 months – 2 years imprisonment.

The defences of honest and reasonable mistake, necessity, duress and others may apply. Each case turns on its facts and circumstances, as well as the particular charge at hand.

As such, it is important to obtain legal advice to maximise your chances of a good outcome at Court. 

If you are seeking legal advice, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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