Criminal Lawyer Parramatta: How To Find The Best One

October 25, 2022

Are you charged with a serious criminal offence? 


If you are, you need the expertise of a criminal lawyer in Parramatta. A criminal conviction can be traumatic and is the last situation you would want to be in. Having a criminal record can lead to serious repercussions on your employment, travel and citizen privileges. 


A reliable legal representative is crucial, especially if you are accused of very grave charges. However, with the many practicing Parramatta criminal lawyers, choosing the right one can be tough. That’s why you have to consider several factors before hiring a defence criminal lawyer to represent you. Doing so will release you from legal charges, avoid conviction or increase your chances of obtaining a plea bargain. 


How Can A Criminal Lawyer Help You

A representation of a criminal defence attorney can change the outcome of your case. Whether you plead guilty or not guilty to the charges, the best lawyer can navigate you through the complex issues that might arise within the case process. 


Dealing with crimes requires understanding and legal knowledge of the law. For this, your lawyer is equipped to apply the different regulations contained in the Criminal Procedure Act, Crimes Act, Drug Misuse and Trafficking  Act, Evidence Act, Road Transport Act or the Crimes Sentencing Act. Furthermore, criminal lawyers in Parramatta are highly trained about the criminal justice system and have in-depth knowledge about your legal rights.


With that, you should only hire a lawyer who specialises in defending criminal cases for any person, whether a businessman, employee, student or even a minority. 


If you are in this difficult position, Mardini Defence Lawyers can help you. We are a leading law firm in Parramatta with unprecedented skills and extensive legal knowledge to achieve outstanding results. 


Guide To Finding The Best Criminal Lawyer in Parramatta

In finding the most suitable criminal lawyer in Parramatta, one has to meet your specific needs. 


1. Concentrate on Firms that Specialise in Criminal Law

There are so many areas of law: Family Law, Business Law, Corporation Law and Education Law. If you are not careful in choosing your lawyer, you might end up with someone that may not be able to defend you in the best way possible. Any average attorney can represent you during a trial proceeding, but you might not receive the expected outcome or service. Finding the best criminal lawyer will not only defend you but also save you a significant amount of stress and worry.


2. Ask Help From Family and Friends

Seeking a reliable lawyer does not have to be difficult. Ask help from your family, friends and trusted colleagues who might have credible connections with Parramatta or NSW law firms. You can also access a list of criminal lawyers from the Law Society of New South Wales.


3. Do Your Research For Reputable Firms

When you are facing criminal charges, you don’t want to settle for an unqualified and inexperienced legal representative. Therefore, look for a firm that already gains the trust of the public. The best criminal lawyer in Parramatta is one that is highly recognised by magistrates, judges and prosecutors, and one that constantly appears in court trials. 


Working with a seasoned court advocate puts you at a great advantage. Your legal representative can communicate your argument and persuade the magistrates and judges to agree with your defence. 


4. Review Firm Portfolio

One element of a credible lawyer is a good case portfolio. But how do you examine it? Spend time to get to know the firm by reading profiles. You should take a look at the qualifications, experiences, client testimonials and past services. A confident lawyer will not shy away from presenting his or her achievements. 


5. Convenience in Availability and Location

Being able to reach a criminal lawyer in Parramatta any time of the day is another essential element to consider. As a client who needs the guidance of a law expert, you will have many questions and concerns that only an attorney can suffice. There may be urgent meetings or evidence that you want to present to your lawyer. The last thing that you would want in a lawyer is the inability to meet with you or return your calls. You need someone who will treat your case just as important as it is to you. 


Laws also vary from state to state. You should look for a legal representative who already has a strong track record within your city, state or territory. Given that legal consequences can harm your life and reputation if convicted, your lawyer must be able to represent you to all courts throughout NSW if the need arises.


6. Schedule for an Initial Consultation

There are hundreds of expert criminal lawyers who might be ready to take your case. But are they dedicated to serving you? A consultation is a perfect opportunity to assess your lawyer. It also helps you build a solid relationship with your lawyer, as well as receive the right service and the needed legal support. 


Are you looking for the best criminal lawyers in Parramatta? Mardini Defence Lawyers can give you outstanding legal representation. Contact us today.

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